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computer desk Computer desk 3bd4da672ec841647ac9126cdbed1254

Computer desk

One of the important things in a computer ergonomics is about a computer desk. We all have heard about health problems caused by sedentary work. Neither regular breaks during work nor physical exercises can free you from discomfort from sitting on a chair completely. My personal recommendation is to alternate sedentary work with work in […]

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health effects from noise Health effects from noise | Tips for Reducing Noise in the Workplace adult commerce employee 860227

Health effects from noise | Tips for Reducing Noise in the Workplace

Noise is a common complaint raised by employees in corporate office settings. In fact, surveys have shown that employees care more about interior acoustics than cleanliness, office furniture, and temperature. But health effects from noise can be serious. This is especially true in open concept offices where employees are all working in a large space […]

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Health effects from noise office air quality Office Air Quality. Why is it Important? architectural design architecture ceiling 380768 thumb

Office Air Quality. Why is it Important?

The average American spends up to 90% of their time indoors, a large portion of this includes their working hours spent in an office environment. Indoor office air quality is an important, yet sometimes overlooked, aspect of our environment that can profoundly impact the health, comfort, well-being and productivity of employees.

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must have home office Must have home office d5539a7b0973d5dfcd1919be5eccc844a5db768e

Must have home office

Working from home is a dream for most people, but it all depends on the kind of job you are pursuing. Just imagine your office being your couch or balcony. Jobs which let you work from home give you the freedom to stay away from the chaotic and stressful office environment. According to Gallup 2017 […]

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sitting bad Is sitting bad for your health? adult business chair 374831 s

Is sitting bad for your health?

Right now, you’re probably sitting down to read this and staying seated for a few minutes to read it is probably okay. But the longer you stay put, the more agitated your body becomes. It sits there counting down the moments until you stand up again and take it for a walk. That may sound […]

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monitors configuration Monitors configuration computer connection data 1181675

Monitors configuration

You may have at one time or another seen the multi-monitor configuration, yes, we all agree that it can be handy in almost all situations. You might have different windows on LCD displays and can still switch between them fast. Monitors configuration can be vary.

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macos Useful tips for working in MacOS apple computer desk 326508

Useful tips for working in MacOS

I have been asked questions on the importance of computer ergonomics and the simple answer I came up with is the need to avoid stress. It is important to understand this concept because this is the only way to enhance productivity while understanding the device you are using properly and how you can get the […]

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operation system Operation System 1o ly1HJGekl0pGc64992Yg

Operation System

Ergonomics has everything to do with studying the design of an equipment so as to reduce the end user’s discomfort or injuries that may occur as a result of its use and computer ergonomics simply follows the light of this definition. Let’s talk about an operation system. The operating system is a part of computers […]

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ergonomic computer Choosing of ergonomic computer black and white books business 251225

Choosing of ergonomic computer

It is important to have a good ergonomic computer as the world has become so technologically advanced and almost everything is becoming computerized. It must not only be reliable, but also be attractive, silent and easy to use. All of these attributes make up the computer ergonomics. It doesn’t matter whether it is a laptop, […]

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what is pomodoro What is pomodoro Mylittlejob Pomodoro technik

What is pomodoro

Every day, many people spend hours in front of a computer without giving a thought to its impact on their bodies. Whether it is due to the nature of your job or just for fun, when you spend too much time in front of a computer, your body suffers physical stress. Continually spreading out your […]

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ergonomic chair The Best Ergonomic Chairs hermanmiller

The Best Ergonomic Chairs

Another important part in a computer ergonomics is chair. Most of us spent several hours daily in front of our computers attending to different tasks. This may be on your work table in the office or at home. There is no doubt that such sedentary lifestyle could take a toll on your back health as […]

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